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Lessons at The Music Station are offered year round. Payment is received the first lesson of the month and includes all music books and materials. It does not include competitions away from The Music Station. Adjustments may be made for extended absences or vacations. We are voted “most flexible” by our students’ families. 

Tuition policy

Tuition payment: The tuition payment of $80 per student per month is due the first lesson of the month. Piano lessons are scheduled year round.

Tuition amount: The amount is the same all year. There are no deductions for missed lessons. Makeups are provided at mutual convenience. We are very flexible and if your student has an activity that comes up, please reschedule. We do not offer make up lessons for “no shows.”

Exceptions: Teacher’s vacations are not scheduled in the regular calendar. When a teacher is on an extended vacation she will review your monthly payment at that time. We offer makeup classes, group lessons and regular lessons as makeups for missed lessons. Always feel free to discuss extended vacation plans or family emergencies with your teacher. We are flexible.

Additional payments and fees: The Music Station does not charge for lesson books, technique books or the use of our computer theory programs. We have a large lending library of repertoire for our students’ use. This is included in your monthly tuition payment. However, students wishing to learn pieces not in our repertoire may purchase at their convenience. Students who participate in competitions or piano performance events away from our piano studios will be notified of cost if your student decides to participate in one of these events.

Returned Checks for Insufficient Funds. A free of $20 plus the amount of the returned check is due within two weeks of the check return.

Awards and prizes: The Music Station provides many motivational opportunities to increase our student interest in developing their musical gifts. This includes trophies, medals, statuettes, etc. The cost for this is included in your tuition fee.

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